Definition & Meaning of "WLCB"

What does wlcb mean? View the definition of wlcb and all related slang terms containing wlcb below:

wlcb :
welcome back

Usage of WLCB

The abbreviation 'WLCB' is commonly used in informal texting and messaging to welcome someone back after they have been away or missing for a specific period. It's a friendly gesture that conveys warmth and hospitality, and it's often used in casual conversations with friends, colleagues or family members. The term 'WLCB' has become popular because it's short and sweet, and it saves time while conveying a positive message of welcome and inclusion.

Examples of WLCB used in texting:

1. Hey! I heard you were out of town last week. WLCB! We missed you around here.
2. Hey there! You've been offline for a while. WLCB! Everything good on your end?
3. It's been a while since we've hung out. WLCB to the crew! Let's plan a get-together soon.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wlcb"

wlcb :
welcome back

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