Definition & Meaning of "TTIUWOP"

What does ttiuwop mean? View the definition of ttiuwop and all related slang terms containing ttiuwop below:

ttiuwop :
this thread is useless without pics

Usage of TTIUWOP

The abbreviation TTIUWOP is a popular phrase used in social media and online forums that have a lot of visual content. It stands for "this thread is useless without pics" and is used to demand that the person posting pictures, videos or other visual content in the thread. The abbreviation is usually used in a light-hearted or humorous manner, but the intention behind it is to encourage people to share visual content, since many people prefer seeing visuals over reading a lot of text.

Examples of TTIUWOP used in texting:

1) Person 1: "Just had the best food of my life at this new restaurant!"
Person 2: "TTIUWOP! Show us some pics of the food!"

2) Person 1: "I got a new tattoo today!"
Person 2: "TTIUWOP! We want to see it!"

3) Person 1: "I just went skydiving for the first time!"
Person 2: "TTIUWOP! Where are the photos and videos of the jump?"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ttiuwop"

ttiuwop :
this thread is useless without pics

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