Definition & Meaning of "WADDUP"

What does waddup mean? View the definition of waddup and all related slang terms containing waddup below:

waddup :
what's up

Usage of WADDUP

The term WADDUP is an informal greeting used in text messages, social media, and informal conversations between friends. It is an abbreviation of the question, "what's up?" and is commonly used to initiate a conversation or to check in with someone. The term is often used in a casual context and can be followed by a variety of responses, such as a short update on the person's current situation or a more extended conversation.

Examples of WADDUP used in texting:

1. Hey man, WADDUP? Haven't talked to you in a while!
2. WADDUP girl? You ready for tonight's party?
3. Yo dude, WADDUP? You wanna grab some lunch later?

All of these messages use the abbreviation WADDUP as an abbreviation for "what's up?" and are used as a friendly greeting or an invitation to chat.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "waddup"

waddup :
what's up

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