Definition & Meaning of "WFM"

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wfm :
Works For Me

Usage of WFM

The abbreviation WFM is often used in texting and casual conversations as an abbreviation for the phrase "Works For Me." It is a phrase that is commonly used to express agreement or approval of a proposed plan, idea or suggestion. It can also be used to indicate that a particular suggestion or idea is acceptable or suitable from the speaker's perspective.

Example 1 (WFM used in texting):

Person A: Hey, do you want to meet up for coffee tomorrow?
Person B: Sure, WFM, how about 11 AM at Starbucks?

Example 2 (WFM used in texting):

Person A: I was thinking of going to the park this afternoon.
Person B: That WFM, what time were you thinking?

Example 3 (WFM used in texting):

Person A: Can we finish this project by next week?
Person B: Definitely, WFM. Let's start working on it right away.

These examples show how the abbreviation WFM can be used in various situations to express agreement or acceptance. It is a handy abbreviation for quick and efficient communication with friends, family, or colleagues.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wfm"

wdywfm :
what do you want from me
wfm :
Works For Me

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