Definition & Meaning of "WTFDUW"

What does wtfduw mean? View the definition of wtfduw and all related slang terms containing wtfduw below:

wtfduw :
What the f**k do you want?

Usage of WTFDUW

The abbreviation WTFDUW is a slang expression that conveys frustration and annoyance towards the recipient of the message. It is usually used when someone is bothering or asking for something that the sender finds annoying or pointless. The abbreviation is not appropriate for formal or professional communication and should only be used with close friends or in casual conversations.

Examples of WTFDUW used in texting:

1. Friend: Hey, can you lend me $50?
You: WTFDUW, I just lent you $20 yesterday.

2. Coworker: Hey, can you cover my shift tonight?
You: WTFDUW, I'm already working a double shift.

3. Ex: Hey, can we talk about getting back together?
You: WTFDUW, we've been over for months and you're still asking me that?

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wtfduw"

wtfduw :
What the f**k do you want?

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