's Complete Guide to Netspeak

We know that keeping up on current internet trends can be tough, especially for a parent who doesn't get online much. That's why we've prepared these guides; to help you understand what your kids are talking about on the internet.

Below you will find a few articles and resources to help you further understand internet slang, online acronyms, net trends, and overall internet ettiquette. Plus, we've even included some other helpful resources such as a list of commonly misspelled words - all too common among teenage internet users.

Internet Slang Related Articles:

What Is Text Slang? - A comprehensive history of text slang. Start here.

Top 25 internet slang terms parents should know - In a hurry? Don't have time to browse the dictionary? Start here, and we'll get you up to date on the slang terms that are most important. We've picked 25 of the most common or dangerous terms that you need to know.

Commonly Misused Words - Internet users don't just use their own slang, they're also terrible spellers. Many schoolteachers blame the internet and its trends for the rise in poor spelling among students. We've taken the time to assemble a list of some of the most common misspellings we encountered on instant messengers and chat rooms. Remember, spelling something wrong makes you look dumb; brush up on your spelling and look like you actually paid attention in Jr. High

Twitter Slang & Abbreviations - Learn the most common Twitter slang terms, acronyms, and abbreviations..

Sexting Terms & Information - Not sure what sexting is? Our guide to sexting includes a full discussion on the topic and a list of common sexting terms in use by teens.

What Every Parent Should Know - New to the web? Not a frequent AIM user or chat room visitor? Start out with our must read guide to internet slang. What every parent should know introduces parents to common internet slang and warns of what danger signs to be on the lookout for to keep your teenager safe on the web and goes 1 step further by showing you how to check up on what they're doing on the internet.

Internet Slang Dictionary - The Book - Need a handy reference you can take with you? No Problem! It's in book form. It's got some extra information and is much easier to read (although the search function isn't as good). This is a great resource for any parent to leave on the computer desk. Buy your copy today.

Looking for more information about slang? Try These Sites

  • Parents, learn how to protect your kids online. Visit The Parents Edge for more tips.
  • NetLingo will educate and entertain as you learn about online jargon, acronyms, and smileys. It also contains thousands of online business, technology, and communication terms, written in a way that is easy-to-understand.
  • The Peevish Dictionary of Slang has a large selection of English slang and informal expressions currently in use in Britain, updated regularly, as well as a list of links to other slang related websites.
  • AbbreviationZ contains more than 300,000 abbreviations in a large number of categories including: Business, Computing, Internet, Chat, Slang, Goverment, Medical, Science, Military and more.
  • Fred Lynch of The Source For Youth Ministry offers a great guide to understanding the "slanguage" of today's youth.
  • - the free online dictionary of computing is another great slang reference.
  • The AllWords Dictionary is a great source for looking up non slang related words in a variety of languages.

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