Definition & Meaning of "WDUS"

What does wdus mean? View the definition of wdus and all related slang terms containing wdus below:

wdus :
What Did You Say

Usage of WDUS

WDUS is an abbreviated form of the question "What Did You Say?" It is typically used in informal texting to ask someone to repeat what they have said. This abbreviation is commonly used when the speaker couldn't hear or understand what the other person said due to background noise or a bad connection.

Examples of WDUS used in texting:

1. Sarah: "Hey, did you hear about the new movie coming out?"
Jack: "WDUS? I didn't catch that."

2. Mark: "I think I'll just fix my bike myself, it doesn't look too hard."
Lucy: "WDUS? You want to fix it yourself instead of taking it to a bike shop?"

3. Alex: "Do you want to grab lunch later?"
Adam: "Sorry, what did you say? WDUS?"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wdus"

wdus :
What Did You Say

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