Definition & Meaning of "TWIS"

What does twis mean? View the definition of twis and all related slang terms containing twis below:

twis :
that's what I said

Usage of TWIS

The abbreviation TWIS is used to mean "That's What I Said." It's a quick and easy way to confirm agreement with something that has already been said. TWIS can be used in both formal and informal settings and is commonly used in texting conversations.

Example 1:
Person 1: I think we should go to the beach this weekend.
Person 2: TWIS! I've been wanting to go for weeks.

Example 2:
Friend 1: This movie is so boring.
Friend 2: TWIS! Can we leave now?

Example 3:
Coworker 1: I don't think we should invest in that project.
Coworker 2: TWIS! It seems too risky.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "twis"

twis :
that's what I said

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