Definition & Meaning of "SWF"

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swf :
single white female

Usage of SWF

The abbreviation SWF stands for "single white female" and is often used to describe an unmarried, Caucasian woman. This term gained popularity in the 1990s after the release of the movie "Single White Female" which portrayed a woman who becomes obsessed with her roommate. Nowadays, the term SWF is more commonly used on dating apps or social media platforms to describe someone's preferred type or to announce that someone is single.

Examples of SWF used in texting:

1. Hey, do you know any cute SWF that are into hiking? Trying to plan a trip and want some company. (Example of SWF used to describe someone's preferred type)
2. Just got out of a long-term relationship and not ready to date anyone right now. I'm SWF, not looking for anything serious. (Example of SWF used to announce someone's single status)
3. My friend set me up with a SWF last night and we hit it off! Excited to see where this goes. (Example of SWF used to describe someone's date or potential romantic partner)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "swf"

swf :
single white female

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