Definition & Meaning of "WAREZ"

What does warez mean? View the definition of warez and all related slang terms containing warez below:

warez :
illegally obtained software

Usage of WAREZ

WAREZ is a term used to describe illegally obtained or pirated software. This could be anything from computer programs, apps, or games that have been downloaded or acquired without the proper licenses or permissions. WAREZ can often be found on file-sharing websites, peer-to-peer networks, or underground forums. Using WAREZ is not only illegal but can also lead to security risks, as many pirated software downloads may contain malware or viruses.

Example of WAREZ used in texting:
1. "Hey man, do you know where I can find some WAREZ for the latest Adobe Creative Suite?"
2. "I got banned from a forum for posting a link to WAREZ, gotta be careful next time."
3. "My friend got in trouble with the law for distributing WAREZ, it's not worth the risk."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "warez"

warez :
illegally obtained software

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