Definition & Meaning of "YWSYLS"

What does ywsyls mean? View the definition of ywsyls and all related slang terms containing ywsyls below:

ywsyls :
you win some you lose some

Usage of YWSYLS

The abbreviation YWSYLS is commonly used to express the idea that in life, there are successes and failures, and that it's normal to experience both of them. This phrase acknowledges that not everything will go the way you want it to, and that it's okay to experience setbacks or losses. It can be used to provide encouragement or to help someone maintain a positive outlook on life.

Examples of YWSYLS used in texting:

1) Person A: "I just got rejected from my top college choice :("
Person B: "Ah, YWSYLS. You'll find the right school for you!"

2) Person A: "I lost the championship game :("
Person B: "YWSYLS, you gave it your all and should be proud of your effort."

3) Person A: "I got a B on my final exam :("
Person B: "Don't worry, YWSYLS. You'll get 'em next time!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ywsyls"

ywsyls :
you win some you lose some

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