Definition & Meaning of "LAWLZ"

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lawlz :
laughing out loud with a southern drawl

Usage of LAWLZ

The abbreviation LAWLZ is used to express laughter with a particular accent. It means 'laughing out loud with a southern drawl'. This term is often used on social media or online messaging platforms to show that something is funny and has made the person laugh in a Southern accent. It is one of the many variations of the popular abbreviation LOL, which stands for 'laughing out loud'.

Example of LAWLZ used in texting:
1. Friend 1: "Why did the tomato turn red?"
Friend 2: "I don't know, why?"
Friend 1: "Because it saw the salad dressing!"
Friend 2: "LAWLZ, that's hilarious!"
(Example of LAWLZ used in texting)

2. Friend 1: "I just got lost in the grocery store for half an hour."
Friend 2: "Did you at least find what you were looking for?"
Friend 1: "Nope, I got distracted by the candy aisle."
Friend 2: "LAWLZ, typical you."
(Example of LAWLZ used in texting)

3. Friend 1: "I accidentally wore two different shoes to work today."
Friend 2: "Oh no! Did anyone notice?"
Friend 1: "Just my boss, but they thought it was a new fashion statement."
Friend 2: "LAWLZ, you're always on the cutting edge."
(Example of LAWLZ used in texting)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "lawlz"

lawlz :
laughing out loud with a southern drawl

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