Definition & Meaning of "PWNED"

What does pwned mean? View the definition of pwned and all related slang terms containing pwned below:

pwned :
made to look bad

Usage of PWNED

The term PWNED is an internet slang and is pronounced as "owned". It means to dominate someone in a game or competition, or to make them look bad in any way. The term originated from a typo error of the word "owned" in online gaming circles. It became popular and is now used in various contexts. In general, it is used as an abbreviation for saying "You've been owned" or "You're destroyed". It's a way of expressing victory or superiority over someone or something.

Examples of PWNED used in texting:
1. "Did you see that epic comeback in the game last night? They got PWNED!"
2. "My girlfriend's ex-boyfriend tried to talk trash about me, but I had all the receipts to prove him wrong. He got PWNED."
3. "I thought I was good at chess until I played against my friend. He PWNED me in just a few moves."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "pwned"

pwned :
made to look bad

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