Definition & Meaning of "WYP"

What does wyp mean? View the definition of wyp and all related slang terms containing wyp below:

wyp :
what's your problem?

Usage of WYP

The abbreviation WYP is a slang term used in texting that stands for 'what's your problem?' This phrase is typically used in a confrontational or sarcastic manner when someone wants to know why someone else is upset, angry, or annoyed about something. It is a casual and informal way to ask someone what is bothering them.

Examples of WYP used in texting:
1. Friend 1: "Why are you acting so moody today?"
Friend 2: "WYP? I'm just not in the mood, okay?"
2. Mom: "You better clean your room before you go out with your friends tonight."
Teenager: "WYP with the constant nagging? I'll do it, chill out."
3. Co-worker: "You made a mistake in that email you sent out."
You: "WYP? I'll fix it right now, no big deal."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wyp"

wyp :
what's your problem?
wypsu :
will you please shut up

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