Definition & Meaning of "YWVM"

What does ywvm mean? View the definition of ywvm and all related slang terms containing ywvm below:

ywvm :
you're welcome very much

Usage of YWVM

The abbreviation YWVM is a commonly used abbreviation in texting that stands for 'you're welcome very much.' It is usually used as a way to express gratitude towards someone who has thanked you for something you have done for them. It's a more emphatic way of saying "you're welcome" and is usually used when someone has done something special for you or gone out of their way to help you.

Examples of YWVM used in texting:

1) Friend: Thank you so much for helping me move this weekend, I really appreciate it!
You: No problem at all! YWVM.

2) Coworker: Thanks for covering my shift last minute, you're a lifesaver!
You: Of course, happy to help out! YWVM.

3) Family member: Thanks for cooking dinner tonight, it was delicious!
You: You're welcome! YWVM, glad you enjoyed it.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ywvm"

ywvm :
you're welcome very much

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