Definition & Meaning of "ICWUDT"

What does icwudt mean? View the definition of icwudt and all related slang terms containing icwudt below:

icwudt :
I see what you did there

Usage of ICWUDT

The abbreviation ICWUDT is commonly used on social media and texting to indicate that the person understands the hidden meaning behind a message, joke or action. It's used when someone has said or done something that carries a deeper meaning or a subtle reference that not everyone might pick up on. By using the abbreviation, the recipient is acknowledging that they understand the underlying message and the cleverness of its delivery.

Example of ICWUDT used in texting:

1. Friend 1: "I'm giving up on sugar this year"
Friend 2: "Good luck with your New Year's resolution, I'll be watching you from over here with my donut and soda"
Friend 1: "Haha, ICWUDT"

2. Person A: "I have a superpower that lets me read people's minds."
Person B: "Really? I guess I'll have to start wearing my tinfoil hat around you. ICWUDT"

3. Friend 1: "I'm thinking of running away and joining the circus"
Friend 2: "Better practice your juggling skills then. ICWUDT"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "icwudt"

icwudt :
I see what you did there

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