Definition & Meaning of "RUWM"

What does ruwm mean? View the definition of ruwm and all related slang terms containing ruwm below:

ruwm :
are you watching me

Usage of RUWM

The abbreviation RUWM stands for "Are you watching me?" and is often used in texting as an abbreviation to ask if the person you're communicating with is paying attention to what you're doing. This phrase can be used in various contexts, such as when someone wants to show off a new skill, demonstrate a new dance move, or share something funny or interesting.

Examples of RUWM used in texting:
1. Friend 1: "RUWM? I just learned how to do a backflip!"
Friend 2: "No way! Show me!"

2. Parent: "RUWM? I'm about to start cooking dinner."
Child: "Yes, I'm watching. Can I help?"

3. Sibling 1: "RUWM? I'm about to prank our little brother."
Sibling 2: "No, don't do it! He'll get mad."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ruwm"

ruwm :
are you watching me

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