Definition & Meaning of "COWBOY CHOKER"

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cowboy choker :


COWBOY CHOKER is an abbreviation for a cigarette. It is commonly used among young adults who text frequently. This slang term is often used in place of the word cigarette to keep messages simple and quick to send. For instance, if someone wants to ask their friend if they have a cigarette, they may simply ask if they have a COWBOY CHOKER instead. This abbreviation is a way for people to communicate quickly and efficiently through texting.

Examples of COWBOY CHOKER used in texting:

1) Hey man, do you have a COWBOY CHOKER I can bum off you before class?

2) I'm outside the bar having a COWBOY CHOKER, where are you?

3) Can you bring some cowboy chokers to the party tonight? We're all out of smokes.

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