Definition & Meaning of "TTIUWP"

What does ttiuwp mean? View the definition of ttiuwp and all related slang terms containing ttiuwp below:

ttiuwp :
This Thread Is Useless Without Pictures

Usage of TTIUWP

The abbreviation TTIUWP is commonly used in texting and online forums to express the need for visual aids in a discussion. The phrase 'This Thread Is Useless Without Pictures' highlights the idea that in certain situations, words alone cannot fully convey the message or idea being presented. By requesting pictures, the speaker is urging others to provide additional content that can improve the understanding and engagement of the conversation.

Examples of TTIUWP used in texting:

1. Person A: I saw the craziest thing on the street today!
Person B: What was it??
Person A: Sorry, TTIUWP.

2. Person A: I made the best cake ever!
Person B: Can you send me the recipe?
Person A: Sure, but TTIUWP.

3. Person A: I went on an incredible hike this weekend!
Person B: Where did you go??
Person A: I'll tell you all about it, but TTIUWP.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ttiuwp"

ttiuwp :
This Thread Is Useless Without Pictures

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