Definition & Meaning of "WIT"

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wit :

Usage of WIT

WIT is an abbreviation that is commonly used in texting to represent the word 'with'. The abbreviation is often used to save time and space when texting, and it is commonly used in conjunction with other words such as 'hang out WIT', 'chill WIT', or 'talk WIT'. This abbreviation is especially popular among younger generations who prefer to communicate quickly and efficiently through text messaging.

Examples of WIT used in texting:
1. Hey, wanna grab some lunch WIT me today?
2. Can you help me move this weekend? I'll pay you WIT pizza!
3. I'm so excited to go on vacation WIT my family next month!

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Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wit"

btwitiailwu :
by the way i think i am in love with you
kwit :
wit :
witcha :
with you
witfp :
What is the f**king point
witu :
with you
witw :
what in the world
witwct :
What is the world coming too
witwu :
who is there with you
witwwyt :
what in the world were you thinking

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