Definition & Meaning of "WTGP"

What does wtgp mean? View the definition of wtgp and all related slang terms containing wtgp below:

wtgp :
Want to go Private

Usage of WTGP

The abbreviation WTGP is often used in online conversation or texting to ask someone if they want to move their conversation to a private platform, away from the public eye. This could mean switching from a public chatroom to a private messaging service or social media platform where the conversation can be more confidential.

Examples of WTGP used in texting:

1. Hi, I'm not really comfortable talking about this in a public chat. WTGP? (Example of WTGP used in texting: asking someone to switch to a private conversation)
2. I have some personal news to share, but not sure if I want to post it publicly. Can we WTGP on Messenger? (Example of WTGP used in texting: suggesting moving the conversation to a private messaging service)
3. I saw your post about your breakup and wanted to reach out to you. If you need to talk, WTGP and we can chat privately. (Example of WTGP used in texting: offering a private conversation for a sensitive topic)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wtgp"

wtgp :
Want to go Private

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