Definition & Meaning of "OMGWTFHAX"

What does omgwtfhax mean? View the definition of omgwtfhax and all related slang terms containing omgwtfhax below:

omgwtfhax :
Oh My God What The f**k, Hacks!


The abbreviation OMGWTFHAX is an internet abbreviation used to express sudden shock or disbelief in response to seeing someone cheating or exploiting a glitch in an online game, software or website. The phrase usually denotes a sense of outrage or disbelief when someone has gained an unfair advantage through hacking or cheating.

Examples of OMGWTFHAX used in texting:

1. Friend 1: Dude, I just saw someone flying around the map in Call of Duty.
Friend 2: OMGWTFHAX! They're obviously cheating.

2. Person 1: How did that guy get so many points in the game?
Person 2: OMGWTFHAX! They're definitely using some kind of exploit.

3. Text from a friend: I just got hacked and lost all my money!
Reply from you: OMGWTFHAX! That's terrible, have you contacted support?

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "omgwtfhax"

omgwtfhax :
Oh My God What The f**k, Hacks!

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