Definition & Meaning of "WAF"

What does waf mean? View the definition of waf and all related slang terms containing waf below:

waf :
weird as f**k

Usage of WAF

The abbreviation "WAF" is a colloquial expression used to describe something or someone that is out of the ordinary or unusual to an extreme degree. It is an abbreviation of "weird as f**k" and is often utilized in informal conversations, particularly over text messages. With the increasing trend of using abbreviated language in text messages, this abbreviation has become quite popular among younger demographics.

Examples of WAF used in texting:

1. Friend 1: Did you see that movie last night?
Friend 2: Yeah, it was WAF.
(Example of WAF used to describe a movie)

2. Person 1: My cousin is wearing a cowboy hat to prom.
Person 2: That’s WAF!
(Example of WAF used to describe someone’s outfit choice)

3. Friend 1: Did you see that TikTok video?
Friend 2: Yeah, it was WAF but I kinda liked it.
(Example of WAF used to describe a social media post)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "waf"

ciwwaf :
cute is what we aim for
swafk :
sealed with a friendly kiss
waf :
weird as f**k
wafda :
What a f**king Dumb Ass
wafl :
what a f**king loser
wafm :
wait a f**king minute
wafn :
what a f**ken noob

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