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Usage of W.E

The abbreviation W.E stands for 'Whatever'. It is commonly used as an expression of indifference or a lack of concern towards a particular situation or matter. When someone uses W.E in their text message, it usually indicates that they are not interested in continuing the conversation or they do not care about the topic being discussed. Overall, W.E is an informal way of saying "I don't care" or "It doesn't matter to me".

Examples of W.E used in texting:
1. Friend: "Hey, are you coming to the party tonight?"
You: "Sorry, can't make it W.E."

2. Parent: "Have you started your homework yet?"
You: "W.E, I'll get to it later."

3. Coworker: "Did you finish the report I assigned to you?"
You: "W.E, I'll get it done when I have time."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "w.e"

w.e :
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