Definition & Meaning of "WUWTB"

What does wuwtb mean? View the definition of wuwtb and all related slang terms containing wuwtb below:

wuwtb :
what do you want to talk about

Usage of WUWTB

The abbreviation WUWTB stands for 'what do you want to talk about'. This is a commonly used abbreviation in texting, particularly when someone is initiating a conversation or trying to prompt a response from the other person. It is often used when there is a lull in the conversation or when the person wants to change the topic. It is a quick and easy way to ask the other person to direct the conversation.

Example of WUWTB used in texting:
1. Person A: Hey, how's your day going? WUWTB?
Person B: It's going well so far, thanks! What about you?

2. Person A: Did you hear about that new restaurant that opened up? WUWTB?
Person B: No, I haven't. What's it called?

3. Person A: I'm feeling bored tonight. WUWTB?
Person B: We could watch a movie or play some games. What do you think?

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wuwtb"

wuwtb :
what do you want to talk about

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