Definition & Meaning of "WYWO"

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wywo :
while you were out

Usage of WYWO

WYWO is an abbreviation used in the context of taking a message for someone who was not available to take the call or message at the time. It stands for "while you were out," and it is typically used as a notation on a message pad or phone log to indicate that someone called or stopped by when the person was not available. It is a common shorthand in offices to keep track of missed calls or messages.

Example 1 (of WYWO used in texting):
Hey, just wanted to give you a heads up that Tom from accounting stopped by while you were out. He said he needs to go over some numbers with you.

Example 2 (of WYWO used in texting):
Hi, I left you a voicemail earlier, but wanted to let you know that our meeting has been moved to Friday at 2 PM. WYWO, Sarah called and said she can't make it tomorrow.

Example 3 (of WYWO used in texting):
Hey, I know you're out running errands, but when you get back can you give me a call? I have a few questions about the project that came up WYWO.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wywo"

wywo :
while you were out

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