Definition & Meaning of "IYKWIM"

What does iykwim mean? View the definition of iykwim and all related slang terms containing iykwim below:

iykwim :
if you know what I mean

Usage of IYKWIM

The abbreviation IYKWIM is commonly used in texting and online communication. It stands for 'if you know what I mean' which is often used to indicate that the speaker is implying something without explicitly stating it. This abbreviation is often used when discussing something that may be inappropriate or sensitive, thus allowing the speaker to communicate their message in a more indirect manner.

Example of IYKWIM used in texting:

1. "I really need a stiff drink after today's work shift, IYKWIM."
2. "I was with my ex last night, and things got pretty heated IYKWIM"
3. "I can't believe the way she was flirting with him all night, IYKWIM?"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "iykwim"

iykwim :
if you know what I mean

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