Definition & Meaning of "WOA"

What does woa mean? View the definition of woa and all related slang terms containing woa below:

woa :
word of advice

Usage of WOA

The abbreviation WOA is commonly used in texting and refers to 'word of advice'. It is often used when someone wishes to offer some advice or guidance to someone in need.

Example 1 of WOA used in texting:
Hey, WOA - don't forget to study for the test tomorrow!

Example 2 of WOA used in texting:
Just wanted to give you a WOA – be careful driving home tonight, the roads are really icy.

Example 3 of WOA used in texting:
I have a WOA for you - always remember to wear sunscreen to prevent skin damage from the sun.

These are all examples of how WOA can be used in texting to provide a quick, abbreviated way to offer advice or guidance.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "woa"

woa :
word of advice

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