Definition & Meaning of "WSWTA"

What does wswta mean? View the definition of wswta and all related slang terms containing wswta below:

wswta :
What shall we talk about?

Usage of WSWTA

The abbreviation WSWTA is commonly used in texting to ask someone what they would like to talk about. It is a quick and easy way to initiate a conversation and can be used when you are unsure of what topic to discuss. By asking 'What shall we talk about?', you are opening the floor for discussion and allowing the other person to suggest a topic that interests them. This helps to keep the conversation engaging and enjoyable for both parties.

Examples of WSWTA used in texting:

1. Person A: Hey there! How are you doing today?
Person B: Good thanks, WSWTA?
Person A: Hmm, how about we talk about our favorite TV shows?

2. Person A: Wasn't that movie we watched last night amazing?
Person B: Yeah it was! WSWTA now?
Person A: Let's talk about some other movies we want to watch together.

3. Person A: I'm bored, wanna chat?
Person B: Sure thing! WSWTA?
Person A: Maybe we can talk about some interesting news stories we read today.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wswta"

swswta :
so what should we talk about
wswta :
What shall we talk about?

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