Definition & Meaning of "WTB"

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wtb :
Want to buy

Usage of WTB

WTB is an abbreviation that stands for 'Want to buy.' It is predominantly used in online marketplaces where people can communicate with potential sellers about buying a product. This abbreviation is essentially a shorthand way of saying that the person is interested in purchasing an item and is looking for a seller to make a deal with.

Examples of WTB used in texting:

1. Hey, I saw your ad for the iPhone 12. Is it still available? WTB it if it is.
(Example of WTB used in texting to express interest in buying an iPhone.)

2. Do you know where I can WTB a good used car? I'm looking for something reliable that won't break the bank.
(Example of WTB used in texting to ask for recommendations on where to buy a used car.)

3. Hi, I'm interested in the gaming console you're selling. It's perfect for my little brother's birthday gift. WTB it for $150.
(Example of WTB used in texting to initiate a deal negotiation with the seller.)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wtb"

wtb :
Want to buy
wtbd :
what's the big deal
wtbh :
What the bloody hell
wuwtb :
what do you want to talk about

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