Definition & Meaning of "KIWF"

What does kiwf mean? View the definition of kiwf and all related slang terms containing kiwf below:

kiwf :
Kill It With Fire

Usage of KIWF

KIWF stands for the phrase “Kill It With Fire” which is typically used as an expression of strong frustration and aggression. It is most commonly used as an exaggeration, to emphasize that one wishes to get rid of a problem or situation that has caused annoyance or distress.

Sample text messages:
1) I just got the worst grade on my math test, KIWF!
2) That project was so annoying, time to KIWF it!
3) Ugh, she just won’t stop nagging me… KIWF!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "kiwf"

kiwf :
Kill It With Fire

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