Definition & Meaning of "IWG"

What does iwg mean? View the definition of iwg and all related slang terms containing iwg below:

iwg :
it was good

Usage of IWG

The abbreviation IWG stands for 'it was good'. This expression is commonly used to express that something has met one's expectations and was satisfactory. It can be used to describe anything from a meal, to an event, to a conversation.

Examples of IWG used in texting:

1. Hey, how was the party last night?
- IWG! The music was great and I had a really good time.

2. Did you like the movie we saw yesterday?
- Yeah, IWG! It had a really interesting plot and the acting was great.

3. Just got back from vacation, how was your trip?
- IWG! The weather was perfect and we got to do all the activities we wanted to do.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "iwg"

iwg :
it was good

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