Definition & Meaning of "UKWIM"

What does ukwim mean? View the definition of ukwim and all related slang terms containing ukwim below:

ukwim :
you know what i mean

Usage of UKWIM

The abbreviation UKWIM simply stands for 'you know what I mean' and is often used in text messaging to indicate agreement, understanding or to avoid any further unnecessary explanation. This abbreviation is quite common in casual conversations between friends, family or colleagues, and is often used to show that the message recipient is on the same page as the sender. It saves time and effort spent in typing out additional explanations or clarifications.

Examples of UKWIM used in texting:
1. Hey, I'm heading to the mall to buy some new shoes, wanna come? I was thinking we could grab lunch too. It'll be fun, UKWIM?
2. That movie we watched last night was so boring, UKWIM? I kept dozing off.
3. I'm so excited for our vacation next month, UKWIM? I really need a break from work.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ukwim"

iukwim :
if you know what i mean
ukwim :
you know what i mean

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