Definition & Meaning of "NWB"

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nwb :
a new person

Usage of NWB

The abbreviation NWB is a slang term that stands for 'a new person'. This is commonly used in social contexts to refer to someone who is new to a group or community. It can be used as a way to acknowledge a newcomer and make them feel welcome. The term can also be used to describe someone who is unfamiliar with a particular situation or environment.

Examples of NWB used in texting:
1. Hey, are you coming to the meetup tonight? There's going to be a lot of NWB's, so it should be fun! (Example of NWB used to refer to newcomers)
2. I'm nervous about starting my new job tomorrow. I don't want to be the NWB in the office. (Example of NWB used to refer to someone who is new to a work environment)
3. I'm so excited to meet all the NWB's in our community service project! It's going to be great getting to know everyone. (Example of NWB used to refer to new people in a community or organization)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "nwb"

nwb :
a new person

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