Definition & Meaning of "WIW"

What does wiw mean? View the definition of wiw and all related slang terms containing wiw below:

wiw :
wife is watching

Usage of WIW

The term "WIW" is an abbreviation that stands for "wife is watching." This is commonly used in texting to mean that someone's significant other is present and monitoring their activity or conversation. It's often used as a warning to avoid saying or doing anything inappropriate that could potentially cause problems in the relationship.

Examples of WIW used in texting:

1. Hey bro, can we skip the strip club tonight? WIW and I don't want to start any drama.
2. Sorry, I can't hang out right now, WIW is next to me on the couch and I don't want to get in trouble for being on my phone.
3. Let's chat later, WIW just walked into the room and I don't want to risk getting caught texting.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wiw"

fwiw :
for what it's worth
idkwiwdwu :
I don't know what I would do without you
iwiwd :
i wish i was dead
jtwiw :
just the way it was.
wiw :
wife is watching
wiwhu :
wish I was holding you
wiwt :
wish i was there
Wiwwy :
What is wrong with you
ykwiw :
You Know What I Want

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