Definition & Meaning of "OFWG"

What does ofwg mean? View the definition of ofwg and all related slang terms containing ofwg below:

ofwg :
old fat white guys

Usage of OFWG

The abbreviation OFWG stands for "old fat white guys". It is generally used as a derogatory term to describe older, overweight Caucasian males who hold positions of power and privilege in society. This term can be used to highlight issues of male dominance, ageism, and racism in society.

Examples of OFWG used in texting:
1. Hey, have you seen the group of OFWG sitting at the bar? They are such a cliche.
2. I can't believe my boss is making me work overtime again. It's like he's trying to turn me into an OFWG.
3. The OFWG in charge of this company need to get with the times and start valuing diversity and inclusion.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ofwg"

ofwg :
old fat white guys

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