Definition & Meaning of "WEBBY"

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webby :

Usage of WEBBY

WEBBY is an abbreviation for the word 'webcam', which refers to a digital camera that is connected to a computer or the internet, and is used to stream live video or take pictures. A webcam is often used for video conferencing, online gaming, security monitoring, or simply for personal entertainment.

Example 1 of WEBBY used in texting:
Person A: Hey, can we have a WEBBY chat tonight?
Person B: Sure, what time works for you?

Example 2 of WEBBY used in texting:
Person A: I got a new WEBBY for my computer.
Person B: Cool, does it have good picture quality?

Example 3 of WEBBY used in texting:
Person A: My professor wants us to turn on our webbies in our online class.
Person B: Ugh, I hate being on camera.

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webby :

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