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newais :

Usage of NEWAIS

The abbreviation "NEWAIS" is commonly used in texting and informal online communication as an abbreviation of the word "anyways." It is often used to signal a transition in the conversation, or to emphasize the speaker's intention to move on from a topic. This abbreviation can help to save time and keystrokes when composing messages, making it a useful shortcut for those who frequently text or use chat apps.

Example of NEWAIS used in texting:
1) Person A: "I can't believe how much traffic there was today"
Person B: "Yeah, it was crazy. NEWAIS, what are you doing later?"

2) Person A: "I think I left my phone at your place"
Person B: "You did, it's right here. NEWAIS, do you want me to bring it to you?"

3) Person A: "I'm really sorry I missed your call yesterday"
Person B: "No worries, I just wanted to check in. NEWAIS, did you want to meet up for lunch this week?"

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newais :

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