Twitter Slang Terms & Abbreviations

Twitter is everywhere these days. We Twitter on our phones, we Twitter at work, and we even log in to other sites with our Twitter account. Like any mainstream communication method, Twitter has even started generating its own specialized slang, acronyms, and abbreviations. If you're new to Twitter you may find some of the terms confusing. Here's a list of several common Twitter slang and abbreviations you're bound to encounter.

Twitter Slang Terms

FFFollow Friday
HTHat Tip or Heard Through
MMMusic Monday
@(at) - sends a message to a user
#Hash tag - used to 'tag' tweets on certain topics
$Used to denote a company's stock symbol
DMDirect Message
TweetupA real life meetup announced on twitter
SMSocial Media (Not to be confused with Scott Monty)
SBSmall Business
ICYMIIn Case You Missed It
MRTModified ReTweet
MTModified Tweet
NTSNote To Self
NPNow Playing
CCCarbon Copy (like in E-Mail)

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