Definition & Meaning of "WTHWUT"

What does wthwut mean? View the definition of wthwut and all related slang terms containing wthwut below:

wthwut :
what the hell were you thinking

Usage of WTHWUT

The abbreviation 'WTHWUT' means 'what the hell were you thinking'. This abbreviation is often used in text conversations to express frustration or disbelief towards someone's actions or decisions. It is a way of questioning their reasoning and decision-making skills.

Examples of WTHWUT used in texting:

1. Person A: "I just got a tattoo of my ex's name"
Person B: "WTHWUT? That's the worst decision ever!"

2. Person A: "I accidentally told my boss to shove it"
Person B: "WTHWUT?! That's going to get you fired!"

3. Person A: "I spent all my money on a new gaming console"
Person B: "WTHWUT? You have bills to pay!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wthwut"

wthwut :
what the hell were you thinking

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