Definition & Meaning of "LOLAW"

What does lolaw mean? View the definition of lolaw and all related slang terms containing lolaw below:

lolaw :
laugh out loud at work

Usage of LOLAW

The abbreviation LOLAW is used to express laughter in the workplace. It's a nod to the fact that sometimes we all need a good laugh during the day, even if we're on the job. Typing "LOLAW" in a text message or email signals to the recipient that you're sharing something funny that's brightened up your workday. It's a harmless way to connect with coworkers and take a little break from the daily grind.

Examples of LOLAW used in texting:

1. "Omg, did you see that email from the boss? I'm LOLAW!"

2. "That meme you sent me had me LOLAW in my cubicle!"

3. "I just spilled coffee all over my shirt, but at least I gave my coworkers a LOLAW moment."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "lolaw"

lolaw :
laugh out loud at work

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