Definition & Meaning of "JWAS"

What does jwas mean? View the definition of jwas and all related slang terms containing jwas below:

jwas :
just wait a second

Usage of JWAS

JWAS is a common abbreviation used in text messaging to convey the message 'just wait a second'. It can be used when someone needs some time to think or when they are multitasking and need to attend to something else before responding. It is also used when someone is in the middle of a conversation but needs a moment to respond to a question or comment.

Example of JWAS used in texting:
1) Person A: Hey, can you tell me what time the movie starts tonight?
Person B: JWAS, let me check my schedule.

2) Person A: Did you hear back from the job interview?
Person B: JWAS, I am in a meeting right now.

3) Person A: Can you send me that document ASAP?
Person B: JWAS, I am just finishing up another task but will send it shortly.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "jwas"

jwas :
just wait a second

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