Definition & Meaning of "UWC"

What does uwc mean? View the definition of uwc and all related slang terms containing uwc below:

uwc :
you are welcome

Usage of UWC

The abbreviation 'UWC' stands for 'you are welcome'. It is commonly used as a response to someone thanking or expressing gratitude towards you for something you did or said. 'UWC' is a polite way of acknowledging the thanks and reassuring the other person that their expression of gratitude is appreciated and welcomed.

Examples of UWC used in texting:
1) Friend: Thank you so much for helping me with my math homework!
You: No problem at all! UWC :)
2) Colleague: Thanks for letting me borrow your stapler!
You: Of course, anytime. UWC!
3) Family member: Thank you for cooking dinner, it was delicious!
You: Glad you enjoyed it! UWC :)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "uwc"

uwc :
you are welcome

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