Definition & Meaning of "KEWEL"

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kewel :

Usage of KEWEL

The slang term "KEWEL" is a phonetic respelling of the word "cool". It is often used in informal writing, such as texting, to express excitement or approval of something. The term is derived from the positive connotations associated with the word "cool", which has been used in a similar way since the 1950s.

Examples of KEWEL used in texting:
1. "That new song is so KEWEL! I can't stop listening to it." (Example of KEWEL used as a substitute for the word cool to show excitement and approval)
2. "Hey, want to hang out later? I heard there's a KEWEL new coffee shop downtown." (Example of KEWEL used to describe something new and exciting)
3. "I just got tickets to the concert! KEWEL, right?" (Example of KEWEL used to express excitement)

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