Definition & Meaning of "GW"

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gw :
good work

gw means "good work"


Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "gw"

dyw2gwm :
do you want to go with me
ggwp :
Good Game Well-Played
gw :
good work
gwijd :
guess what i just did
gwm :
gay white male
gwork :
good work
gwrk :
good work
gws :
get well soon
gwytose :
go waste your time on someone else
kutgw :
Keep Up The good Work
ogw :
oh guess what
omgwtf :
on my God, what the f**k
oh my God, what the f**k
omgwtfhax :
Oh My God What The f**k, Hacks!
omgwtfit :
Oh my God, what the f**k is that
on my God, what the f**k
tgwig :
thank god wife is gone
tgws :
that goes without saying
wdwgw :
where did we go wrong
wygwm :
will you go with me

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