Definition & Meaning of "WMYB"

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wmyb :
What Makes You Beautiful

Usage of WMYB

The abbreviation WMYB stands for 'What Makes You Beautiful,' which is a phrase used to express admiration for someone's unique and attractive qualities. It is often used to compliment someone on their physical appearance or personality traits that make them stand out in a positive way. The abbreviation WMYB is commonly used in texting and online conversations to save time and effort while expressing the same sentiment.

Examples of WMYB used in texting:
1. Friend 1: "Just saw your latest Instagram post, you look amazing!"
Friend 2: "Aww, thanks! WMYB."
2. Crush: "I had so much fun with you tonight, you're so funny and kind."
You: "Thanks, that means a lot! WMYB."
3. Sibling: "You're such a talented singer and songwriter"
You: "Wow, thank you! WMYB."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wmyb"

wmyb :
What Makes You Beautiful

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