Definition & Meaning of "IKWYL"

What does ikwyl mean? View the definition of ikwyl and all related slang terms containing ikwyl below:

ikwyl :
I know where you live

Usage of IKWYL

The abbreviation IKWYL is mostly used in a threatening tone and means 'I know where you live'. It is often used as a warning that one should be careful about what they say or do as their actions may have dire consequences. The phrase is used to imply that the speaker has knowledge of the receiver's personal information such as their address, which can be used to cause harm or violence.

Examples of IKWYL used in texting:

1) Hey, I heard that you've been spreading rumors about me. You better stop before things get ugly. IKWYL.

2) You think you can just cheat on me and get away with it? Think again. IKWYL.

3) Don't mess with me or my friends again. IKWYL and we won't hesitate to take action if needed.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ikwyl"

ikwyl :
I know where you live

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