Definition & Meaning of "COIWTA"

What does coiwta mean? View the definition of coiwta and all related slang terms containing coiwta below:

coiwta :
come on i wont tell anyone

Usage of COIWTA

The abbreviation COIWTA is often used in texting to persuade someone to share something they may not want others to know about. It stands for "come on i won't tell anyone." It is often used as a way to entice someone to share a secret or something personal by assuring them that it will remain confidential. This abbreviation is commonly used among friends who want to share something with each other but fear being judged or exposed.

Example of COIWTA used in texting:

1. Hey, I heard you have a crush on John. COIWTA, tell me more about it!
2. I know you skipped class yesterday, but I won't tell anyone. COIWTA, why did you do it?
3. COIWTA, did you hear about what happened between Sarah and David? I promise I won't say anything to anyone.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "coiwta"

coiwta :
come on i wont tell anyone

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