Definition & Meaning of "TGWIG"

What does tgwig mean? View the definition of tgwig and all related slang terms containing tgwig below:

tgwig :
thank god wife is gone

Usage of TGWIG

TGWIG is an abbreviation used by individuals who are relieved that their wife is no longer around. The expression indicates that the husband can now spend his time watching sports, playing video games, or engaging in whatever else he enjoys doing without interference. However, it is critical to note that TGWIG is not intended to be offensive or derogatory towards wives. It is simply a way of expressing gratitude for a brief moment of peace and quiet.

Examples of TGWIG used in texting:

1. Friend: Hey man, wanna hang out tonight?
You: Absolutely! TGWIG!!

2. Husband: Just got back from a week-long business trip. Can't wait to relax and unwind.
Buddy: TGWIG, amirite?

3. Roommate: I'm going to visit my parents this weekend.
You: Awesome, TGWIG! Maybe we can finally clean up the apartment without distractions.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tgwig"

tgwig :
thank god wife is gone

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