Definition & Meaning of "WAZ"

What does waz mean? View the definition of waz and all related slang terms containing waz below:

waz :
what is

Usage of WAZ

WAZ is a common abbreviation used in texting that stands for "what is". It is often used as an abbreviation to ask for clarification or more information on a particular subject. For example, if someone were to mention a new restaurant they tried, you might respond with "WAZ the name of it?" instead of typing out "what is the name of it?".

Here are three sample text messages showing the abbreviation used as an abbreviation:

1. Example of WAZ used in texting: Hey, I heard you got a new car. WAZ the make and model?
2. Example of WAZ used in texting: Can you send me the recipe for that dish you made last night? WAZ in it?
3. Example of WAZ used in texting: I'm thinking about going to the movies tonight. WAZ playing at the theater near you?

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "waz"

anywaz :
waz :
what is
waz ^ :
what's up
wazz :
wazza :
what's up
wazzup :
what's up
waz^ :
what's up?

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